'We at Ashford Plumbing and Heating Supplies have worked with Ken and his staff for several years and have been very impressed with the prompt and efficient service that is always available. TRADETRAK has proved to be easy and effective at producing Sales Documents. Also the Stock Control and Purchasing package that we have recently added has had a marked effect on our ability to Control Stock.'
Jim White, Managing Director, Ashford Plumbing and Heating Supplies, Ashford, Kent

‘We buy and sell such a wide variety of products from hundreds of manufacturers. TRADETRAK enables us to provide a first class service to our customers. I am sure that the ease and efficiency of TRADETRAK has helped us achieve our expansion goals.’
Dave Hogg, Managing Director, Phase Electrical Distributors Ltd Member of the Fegime (UK) Buying Group

‘We chose TRADETRAK not merely because it met our criteria but in many instances exceeded our expectations. We were particularly impressed with the instant recovery of the archived data. I have worked with four or five computer systems in wholesales. None have the huge database of TRADETRAK or are so operator friendly.’
Graham Allen, Managing Director Regent Electrical Distributors Member of the MIDA buying group

‘Very good system.’
Tim Garlinge – Managing Director, Melissa Electrical Distributors

TRADETRAK is very easy and simple to use, and it produces all the information we need for both branches.’
Dave Thomas – Proprietor, D.T. Electrical Supplies

‘The system is excellent. There are parts of it we do not currently use but are slowly starting to use more and finding it very beneficial. The support is excellent, a very friendly and helpful company. They are willing to work with us to get the best from the system.’
Dave Card – Director, CBR Electrical Supplies Ltd

‘We have worked with the wholesale trade for many years, and we understand the needs of the business. The result is TRADETRAK - a system originally designed for the electrical wholesale trade. However the software can be utilised for any wholesale environment, i.e Plumbing, Building, Business Supplies, Garden Supplies, K&P staff can tailor TRADETRAK to YOUR company needs offering full training and support services.’

Paul Sharples, Managing Director, K&P Computer Services Ltd.

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